Former Irvine Valley College men's basketball players are suiting up all over the country for four-year colleges and universities.

In all, more than 110 players have moved on to four-year schools with scholarships in Coach Jerry Hernandez’s 23 years of guiding the program.

This 2014-15 season's team featured five players moving on to four-year schools, including sophomore center Andrew Bastien to Division 1 Utah Valley.

For the 2015-16 season, post player Patrick Sniff (Western State) and Isaiah Milan (San Diego Christian) have moved on to play at four-year schools.

Two seasons ago, there were four players on the active roster than moved on, including two to Division 1 schools. All-conference player Zack Mills was at Sacramento State and all-conference player Michael Bolden played at Cal Poly. Also moving on were point guard James Bailey to Hope International and guard Steele Sylte to Cal State San Marcos.

"It was a great group of players moving on," Hernandez said. "They did so much for us. I am very proud of them. They all deserve it."

And three years ago, seven players received four-year scholarships. They were guard Kalob Hatcher (Montana State Billings), Ramon Mejia (Arkansas - Monticello), Chris Taylor (Chadron State), Jose Vasquez (Glenville State), Austin Loeb (Masters College), Christian Scott (California Maritime Academy) and Kirill Sergeyev (William Jessup).

And after the 2010-11 campaign, six players received scholarships, including three to Division I schools. They were Travis Fulton (Pacific), forward Joe Eberhard (Sacramento State) and Ephraim Ekanem (Northern Arizona).

Fulton, who was IVC’s MVP and an all-state player in 2010-11, and Ekanem saw time as starters at their respective schools and Eberhard was one of the best players at Sacramento State. Fulton even helped his team win the Big West Conference title last year and make the NCAA Tournament.

In just the last five years alone, 29 players from IVC teams have moved on, including 11 to Division I schools.

"Other coaches want our guys in their programs," Hernandez said. "It says a lot about the players and people we have here.

"When a four-year college coach has seen one of our teams he has a full roster of transferable student athletes to take a look at. That is not the case with very many other schools."

And several other players have recently finished stellar careers at four-year schools.

Among them were first team all-conference guard Jeff Ledbetter, who was a standout at Division I Idaho and point guard La’Shard Anderson, who was an all-conference player at Boise State.

Several former IVC stars even moved on to careers playing overseas. The highlight from that group was Enver Soobzokov, who played at Irvine Valley during the 1997-98 and 1999-2000 seasons before transferring to Cal State San Bernardino.

He retired from playing in last year Jordan. Soobzokov was a star for the top team, Fastlink. He helped the squad win the Asia Club Championships. It was the first time a Jordan basketball team ever won the gold medal in Asia.

Soobzokov was also part of the Select Jordanian National Team. He competed with Jordan in the Asian Championships in 2009.

Soobzokov is now working as a scout in the NBA.

Other IVC players have participated in leagues in Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Switzerland, Poland and Finland.

"We take a lot of pride in the fact that our program at Irvine Valley has helped so many student athletes continue their basketball careers, and continue them at such a high level," Hernandez said.

Players Name Years at IVC Went on to compete for
Zane Paddon 2016-18 San Francisco State
Daniel Hernandez 2015-18 Cal State San Marcos
Zuri Williams 2015-17 Academy of Art
Anthony Hernandez 2014-17 Dominican
Jack Taylor 2014-17 University of Providence
Isaiah Milan 2015-16 San Diego Christian
Patrick Sniff 2014-16 Western State/Cal State San Marcos
Jimmy Golden 2013-15 Sonoma State
Ronnie Harris 2013-15 Sonoma State
Chris Salas 2012-15 Academy of Art
Andrew Bastien 2012-15 Utah Valley
Chris Porter 2012-15 Cal State Monterey Bay
​Declan Daly 2013-14 Cal State San Marcos
Yanick Kulich 2010-14 Academy of Art/Western Oregon
Austin Priest 2012-14 Chapman
Dathon Spencer 2011-14 University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Shaquille Hunter 2012-14 Cal State Dominguez Hills
Wolfie Wood 2012-13 La Sierra
Michael Bolden 2011-13 Cal Poly
Zach Mills ​2011-13 Sacramento State
​Steele Sylte ​2011-13 ​Cal State San Marcos
​James Bailey ​2012-13 ​Hope International
​Wolfie Wood ​2012-13 ​La Sierra
Ramon Mejia​ ​2010-12 ​Arkansas - Monticello
Kalob Hatcher​ ​2010-12 ​Montanta State - Billings
Joey Vasquez​ ​2010-12 ​Glenville State
Chris Taylor​ ​2010-12 ​Chadron State
Austin Loeb​ ​2011-12 ​The Masters College
Christian Scott​ ​2011-12 ​Cal Maritime Academy
Kiril Sergeyev​ ​2011-12 ​William Jessup
Julian Nichols​ 2011-12​ Western Oregon
Jordan Hamamoto 2011-12 Northwestern College
​Marcus Walters ​2009-11 ​Cal State Stanislaus
​Jordan Johnson ​2009-11 ​San Francisco State
​Christian Mack ​2009-11 ​Northeastern State
​Ephraim Ekanem ​2009-11 ​Northern Arizona
​Travis Fulton ​2009-11 Pacific
​Joe Eberhard ​2009-11 Sacramento State
Durrell Norman 2009-10 Northern Arizona
Max Carrier 2009-10 Eastern New Mexico
Traivis Ballard 2008-10 Jackson State
Matt Ballard 2008-10 San Jose State
Jason Frost 2008-09 Trinity International
Blake Touchard 2008-09 Embry-Riddle
Brandon Hucks 2007-09 Concordia
Jeff Ledbetter 2007-09 Idaho
Bryce Webster 2007-08 Cal State Fullerton
Kashif Watson 2007-08 Idaho
Blake Wallace 2007-08 San Francisco
La'Shard Anderson 2007-08 Boise State
​Jason Toney 2006-08 Claremont McKenna
​Jerone Devine ​2006-08 ​Cal State Monterey Bay
AJ Kapanoske 2006-08 Sacramento State
Ceylon Elgin-Taylor 2005-07 Montana
Marcus Blackshire 2006-07 Montana State
David Ekott 2005-07 Chapman
Josh Cheek 2005-07 Cal State East Bay
Todd Follmer 2005-06 Hawaii
Kyle Hogan 2005-06 Pepperdine (walk on)
Tyler Gottstein 2004-06 Concordia
Joe Martinez 2004-06 Northeastern State
Dustin Price 2004-05 UC Irvine
​Imani Mackie 2004-05 ​Cal State Los Angeles
Manny Maciera 2004-05 Claremont McKenna
Donald Williams 2004-05 Dakota State
Mike Peterson 2003-04 North Park
Brandon Rogers 2003-04 Menlo
Ian Wright 2002-04 Dominican
Danny Lambert 2002-03 Cal State Fullerton
Adam Parmer ​2002-03 Whittier
Joakim Kjellbom 2002-03 Northern Arizona
Micah Lombard 2002-03 Northeastern State
Josh Burgess 2002-03 BYU (walk on)
Matt Kemper 2001-02 Pacific
Derrick Mansell 2001-02 Montana
James Hartman 2001-02 Vanguard
Jean-Rene Stephens 2001-02 UC Irvine (walk on)
Keith Sconiers 2001-02 Portland State
Lloyd Walls 2000-02 Wright State / Cal State Fullerton
​Steve Henderson 2000-02 Colorado Christian
Imran Sufi 1999-02 Jamestown
Danny Dinh 2000-01 Cal State Hayward
Ali Goodman 1998-01 Hope International
Erik McGhee 1998-01 Jamestown
Chris Ferguson 2000-01 Northern Arizona
Mike Ahmad 1999-01 Utah State
Peter Bozek 1999-00 LSU (walk on)
Ryan Ellis 1998-00 Lindsey Wilson
Craig Rice 1998-00 UC San Diego
Earl Sanchez 1998-00 Northeastern State
Enver Soobzokov 1998-00 Cal State Stanislaus
Jon Goebel 1998-00 UC Santa Cruz
Josh Garrett 1998-00 Bemidji State
Kevin Bradley 1997-99 Pepperdine / Utah
Ben Esplin 1997-99 Colorado School of Mines
Commander King 1997-99 Northern Arizona
Robert Griffin 1996-98 Missouri Western
Donald Williams 1996-98 Fairleigh Dickinson
Matt Houser 1996-98 Chico State
Make Scaglione 1996-98 UC Riverside
Damian Raibon 1996-98 Azusa Pacific
Allen Fletcher 1995-97 UC Riverside
Brandon Hearvey 1995-97 Idaho State
J.C. Timmons 1995-97 UC Davis
​Tamala Griffin ​1995-97 ​Gannon
Daryl Todd ​1995-97 Fairleigh Dickinson
Matt Moore 1995-96 Point Loma Nazarene
Demetrius Zeigler 1995-96 Cornell
Josh Whelihan 1995-96 Pacific Christian
Josh Porter 1994-96 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Keon Clark 1994-95 UNLV
Jeremy Garrett 1993-95 Southwest Missouri State
Damon Sims 1993-94 Cal State San Bernardino
Steve Ransom 1992-94 Kansas (walk on)
Arturo Clemente 1992-94 Northeastern
​Chris Kostoff ​1992-93 ​San Diego / Southern California College
​Paul LaMott 1992-93 Cal Lutheran

Bold is Division 1 School

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